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  • Anthropomorphic animals or characters.

  • Regular realistic animals

  • Cartoon style animals

  • Fantasy/Mythological creatures

  • Cartoon style humans

  • any gender or sexuality

Will draw


  • Blood, gore and violence: I'm generally okay with drawing this subject as long it not to graphic.

  • NSFW: I'm generally okay with drawing this subject as long as it is tasteful, no characters with oversized breasts or genitalia. 

  • Characters from Movies/ TV shows/ books drawn in my style.

Will not Draw

  • Realistic portraits of people

  • Racism, sexual abuse or any other extreme hate/discriminatory images

  • Anything mechanical (robots, vehicles, guns, other weaponry. 

  • Insects.

  • pedophilia


I only take payment upfront first before I start the commission; however if the commission price is a huge amount that the person can not pay all at once, a payment plan can be negotiated. At the moment, I only take payment through paypal, you will give me your email address in which time I will send you an invoice through paypal.


Depending on the detail and complexity of the illustration it can take 4-7 days to complete the illustration; if you want the illustration completed by a certain deadline please let me know.


please when requesting a commission from me; give me as many details and be specific as possible, otherwise you are giving me artistic freedom is draw the image as I see fit. you will be shown a rough sketch of the commission before I proceed on completing the illustration. you are allowed as many revisions as you want as long it does not entitle redrawing the whole image or nitpicking at small details. I will not draw a commission unless I have a clear reference sheet or an image clearing showing all of the character or a detailed description of the character.


In a rare event I can't complete your commission, you will be issued a full refund.

Commissions cancelled by the rough sketch stage will be given a full refund, any commission cancelled beyond that point is given only a 40% refund.

if I do not hear from you within a month, I have the right to cancel the commission.


As a artist, I have the right to:

unless said by person otherwise, after the commission is completed I have the right to display or publish the commission on any art website or social media website and post in the portfolio gallery on my personal website.

if your commission is of a character that belongs to someone else, make sure you have permission from the original owner of the character to be used in the commission. if not, I have the right to reject the commission. 

I have the right to reject the commission for any other given reason. 

As the commissioner, you have the right to:

Request that the commission be kept private (meaning the pic will just be sent to your email and will not be displayed on any art or social media website.)

if the commission is your original character, you still have the rights to your character. 

Give to someone else as a gift

Display your commission on any art or social media website as long as credit is given to me as the artist.

Print your commission as a bigger print or poster for personal use only.

What you cannot do with you commission:

Reproduce or sell as prints or merchandise for your own profit. 

Claim the image as your own work.

Copy or trace any part of the image and claim it as your own work

To use as a NFT or in a AI image generator program. 

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